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About Promotional Pens

We see and use them every day, carry them around in our bags and briefcases, find them at banks and restaurants, and keep them at the ready on our office desks or kitchen counters. They are promotional pens and their virtual omnipresence makes them ideal for marketing, advertising, and gifting.

Combined with the right marketing plan, promotional pens can help fulfill your promotional goals and provide widespread logo exposure. When banking on promotional pens to generate buzz or marketing opportunities, consider the following:

Target Audience and the Promotional Benefits

  • Seminars and Tradeshows - The functions of many tradeshows are educating and generating awareness, whether launching a new product line, announcing recent developments, or revamping a corporate identity. Let your target audience become ambassadors of that awareness, carrying your message home, to the office, or with them wherever they go.
  • Training and Education - Train them right and let your message/logo follow your students or employees out of the classroom with a promotional pen that will remind them of lessons learned and your brand.
  • Gifts/Tokens of Appreciation - Sometimes, it is the thought that counts. Promotional pens can serve as mementos of events and actions or simple gifts designed to memorialize or show appreciation.
  • Awards and Recognition - A pen given to recognize special achievements or reward services or actions, is inherently valuable to the giver and receiver. Promotional pens effectively commemorate such achievements while having the benefit of carrying your message or logo with them.
  • Brand/Logo Exposure - As portable as a pen is, its usefulness and appeal virtually guarantee brand/logo exposure, even beyond your initial target audience.

Whomever your target audience, promotional pens can be used as effective tools for promoting your business and/or message and generating results.

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Marketing Concepts and Ideas

Even in our increasingly gadget-oriented world, pens are still an everyday necessity. And given the variety of styles and practical nature of writing instruments, they represent a popular and effective means to communicate your message and your logo. But to get the maximum results from a pen promotion, it is important to know what it can say about your company and its message. The following are a few examples of some marketing concepts and ideas that you can build on:

Concepts and Ideas

  • Tradition and Heritage
  • Knowledge and Education
  • Language and Culture
  • Art and Music
  • Honor and Recognition
  • Fashion and Style
  • Finances and Money
  • Invention and Innovation
  • Technology
  • Communication

Start communicating with your audience today and check out our selection of promotional pens.

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Choosing a Promotional Pen

A pen is seldom just a pen. With so many types of pens available, filtering through them all in order to choose the right one to suit your needs and objectives can feel like a lengthy process. Sharper Brand carries a variety of promotional pens that range in style, quality, and price, so when considering a pen, ask yourself a few important questions:

Important Questions:

  • Who will be the primary user of the pen?
  • What is my budget and what am I willing to spend per pen/recipient?
  • What style/type of pen fits my promotion?
  • What materials and inks are most suitable to my needs?
  • What imprint method do I prefer?
  • Will this pen be a part of gift package or set?
  • Does this pen require special packaging?

Once you have answered these few questions, you will have a better idea of where to begin choosing from amongst various styles and benefits you will want in the Pen that you ultimately choose.

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Styles and Benefits

Now that you have begun to get an idea of what you will need in your promotional pen, it's time for you to narrow your choices. Decide on materials—metal, plastic, wood. Think about types of imprint you prefer—laser engraved, pad or screen-printed. Choose your mechanism—click, twist, stick. Then, find the style that fits your vision:

Style Benefits
Ballpoint The most common style of pen, the ballpoint is so-named for the small metal ball at its tip that rotates and rolls out a thick, quick-drying ink. Because of this ink and ball mechanism, ballpoints require more pressure when writing, but the flow is more precise and the ink often waterproof. Ballpoint pens come in various styles and materials, making them an easy choice for virtually any audience.
Roller Ball A close relative of the ballpoint, this pen uses the same mechanism but different inks that flow more smoothly, such as water-based or gel-based inks. Since they require less pressure to paper, some may prefer them to ballpoints, and they may appeal to more selective clients.
Multi-function It's not just a pen—it's a stylus, pedometer, tire gauge, highlighter, sticky note dispenser, keychain, or multi-tool. Each unique pen combination adds value and appeal, allowing you to tailor your promotion to your audience.
Light-up A light in a pen? Actually it's quite fitting for night and low light level environments, and is a sure way to distinguish your promotional pen from all the rest. Shine the spotlight on your logo or message and treat your client to an entirely novel way to write.
Premium When your promotion requires greater finesse or you wish to show appreciation to a special client or employee, premium pens may be the best way to convey your message. Finer materials and/or inks and well-known brands add sophistication and value to your gift or promotion.

With so many styles to be found amongst our collection of pens, you are sure to find the right one for your next promotional event.

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Pen Collection

Now that you know how to leverage pens in your advertising or marketing program, check out Sharper Brand's unique selection of promotional pens.

Need assistance deciding on the right pen? Don't worry. Our team of experts is ready to make your shopping experience hassle-free. Give us a call today and discover the difference a sharper brand can make.

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