Promotional Candy

Sweeten up your customers with a little help from our promotional candy and attractive dispensers. Candy is a gift that is sure to be enjoyed, and with your name and logo imprinted on the packaging, you can be assured that your name will be seen every time they reach for a treat. Great for large offices and waiting rooms, you can place promotional candy throughout your employee workspace for guaranteed smiles. Give the gift of promotional candy in pocket-sized containers and you can't go wrong.
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Give your promotion the full color treatment with this slim candy box.
Starting at: $1.95
SKU: 1610013
Prod Days: 1-5
Shaped to resemble a laptop, this compact box is filled with 3/4 oz. of candy.
Starting at: $2.20
SKU: 1610014
Prod Days: 1-5
These round plastic jars look like miniature storage jars and come with your choice of candy fillings.
Starting at: $3.35
SKU: 1610016
Prod Days: 1-5
You can pack plenty of candy in this heat sealed bag.
Starting at: $1.05
SKU: 1610032
Prod Days: 5-10
Unlike a pen, a jelly bean giveaway is something most people will be glad to get.
Starting at: $1.15
SKU: 1610018
Prod Days: 5-10
You can fill this bag with chocolate covered pretzels, roasted peanuts, sixlets, or even yogurt covered pretzels.
Starting at: $1.20
SKU: 1610033
Prod Days: 5-10
You can choose from 10 gourmet jelly bean flavors and you can even mix and max flavors to suit your promotion.
Starting at: $1.35
SKU: 1610019
Prod Days: 5-10
Candy giveaways will always attract attention. If that candy happens to be Skittles then even more so.
Starting at: $1.35
SKU: 1610017
Prod Days: 5-10
A delicious assortment of Jelly Belly beans in a convenient compact bag.
Starting at: $1.40
SKU: 1610001
Prod Days: 5-10
Choose from three fillings including fruit sours, jelly beans, or salt water taffy.
Starting at: $1.50
SKU: 1610028
Prod Days: 5-10
Here's a sweet tradeshow giveaway that your recipients will enjoy chewing on.
Starting at: $1.90
SKU: 1610029
Prod Days: 5-10
You can fit plenty of fruit sours, jelly beans, or salt water taffy in this clear tube.
Starting at: $2.55
SKU: 1610030
Prod Days: 5-10
Each bean-shaped tin is filled with a random assortment of true-to-life, tongue-tantalizing flavors.
Special at: $2.56
Originally: $2.85
SKU: 1601014
Prod Days: 5-10
This candy tube can filled with chocolate covered cinnamon bears, sunflower seeds, peanuts, or sixlets.
Starting at: $3.15
SKU: 1610031
Prod Days: 5-10
Bring the carnival spirit wherever you go with this cotton candy that comes packed in a plastic container.
Starting at: $3.60
SKU: 1610015
Prod Days: 5-10
This glass jar filled with Jelly Belly candy makes a unique corporate gift that people will remember.
Starting at: $10.45
SKU: 1610005
Prod Days: 5-10
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