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About Promotional Pedometers

Promotional pedometers can have a great health benefit when used correctly as a part of an exercise or workout routine. In fact, years of studies have proven the pedometer to be an effective means of combating our sedentary inclinations by serving as a motivational tool for exercising on a regular basis. Being able to measure one's physical activity throughout the day through the use of a pedometer can promote better decision-making and provide incentive to take the next step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Because pedometers are so effective at promoting a healthy lifestyle, business and non-profit organizations are using them in their marketing or advertising campaigns to build brand recognition and awareness:

Target Audience and the Promotional Benefits

  • Illness Prevention - People who are predisposed to and/or afflicted with certain types of illnesses look to doctors and pharmaceuticals for relief and cures. However, a fitness regimen may be the best medicine-and our pedometers can provide a great motivational factor for getting fit.
  • Lower Health Care Cost - With the cost of insurance totaling tens of billions of dollars a year, pedometers are used by businesses large and small to promote healthier lifestyles among employees/staff thereby reducing health care costs.
  • Customer Loyalty and Retention - Placing a logo on a pedometer that will be worn all day long or during fitness activities is a great way to get maximum logo exposure. In addition, customers will be grateful for the thoughtfulness of the gift.
  • Environmental Awareness - Pedometers motivate people to walk to their destinations which results in reduced motor vehicle emissions. That's great news for the environment an earth-conscious consumers.
  • Reduce Employee Sick Days - Companies lose billions of dollars in productivity annually when employees fall ill, but, through the use of pedometers to promote better health habits, companies can reduce employee sick days while building a brand.

In our health conscious society, a promotional pedometer is an excellent choice when your company's image is just as important, if not more so, as getting your logo noticed.

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Marketing Concepts and Ideas

Health and fitness are major issues for Americans. From the rising costs of health insurance to the public's obsession with a fit physique, there has never been a more relevant time for using promotional pedometers than the present. But to get the maximum results from a pedometer promotion, it is important to know what it can say about your company and its message. The following are a few examples of some marketing concepts and ideas that you can build on:

Concepts and Ideas

  • Fitness and Health
  • Disease and Illness Awareness
  • Energy and Fuel
  • Running and Walking
  • Cure and Remedy
  • Work Productivity
  • Environment and Conservation
  • Transportation and Travel
  • Motion and Momentum
  • Goodwill
  • Healthy Habits

Start making a connection with your audience and customers today. Check out our selection of promotional pedometers.

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Choosing a Promotional Pedometer

Buying a pedometer sounds simple enough, but when you take into account that there are many different types of pedometers to choose from, this seemingly simple task may seem a little daunting. However, to make the process less complex, ask yourself a few questions when considering a promotional pedometer:

Important Questions:

  • What is my budget and how much am I willing to spend per pedometer/recipient?
  • Who will the recipients of my pedometer promotion be?
  • What are my recipients needs? Ease-of-Use? Functionality? Screen Size? etc.
  • Do I need added features such as attached lanyard, talk, alarm, AM/FM radio?
  • Will I require optional services such as custom packaging?

Now that you have answered the questions above, you are several steps closer to choosing the right promotional pedometer for your project.

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Features and Benefits

The majority of promotional pedometers use a swing-arm or pendulum mechanism, which creates an electrical signal with every step taken. These electrical signals are then calculated and displayed on an LCD screen as steps, miles, or calories burned, depending on the features offered by the pedometer. However, some advanced pedometers currently on the market opt for digital detection versus the conventional swing-arm or pendulum mechanism, making them even smaller and more accurate.

Maximize the benefits of your pedometer by planning your walking route using Gmaps Pedometer and log your daily steps using a worksheet like the Walking Log (PDF file).

Sharper Brand carries one of the most extensive collections of promotional pedometers including pedometers with the following features and benefits:

Key Feature Benefits
Single Function Pedometers If you are looking for a pedometer just to count steps, a single function pedometer is what you need. These pedometers are easy to use and are usually the most inexpensive, so they are ideal for those on a limited budget.
Multi-Function Pedometers With so many features, multi-function pedometers are great for active lifestyles. From counting steps to measuring distance and calories burned, these handy pedometers are a great way to take control of your health. Some even have stopwatch functions.
Radio Pedometers Available in a wide variety of shapes and colors, radio pedometers appeal to the youth demographic. These pedometers not only feature a built-in FM radio, but earphones as well, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while taking the steps to better health.
Talking Pedometers Impress your recipients with talking pedometers that track steps and distance and announce them via a mini built-in speaker. The hands-free design you find in talking pedometers leaves no reason to slow down or lose your motivation.

With one of the most unique and vast selection of pedometers, Sharper Brand is certain that you'll find the right promotional pedometer from our collection.

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