Introduction to Promotional Products (Part 1)

Beginning with commemorative buttons used in George Washington's inauguration back in 1789, promotional products have had a long history as effective means to advertise and/or promote a message, logo, image and/or event. When businesses realized early on that promotional products, then called "novelty and specialty goods", could be used to advertise and promote, the promotional products Industry began to grow by leaps and bounds, giving way to new and exciting products and providing businesses with new tools for growth.

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Choosing a Promotional Coffee Mug

Quickly, close your eyes and picture the items on your desk: phone, paper, pens, clips and stapler, tape dispenser, and your favorite coffee mug, the one you received from a client last year. In the United States, it would seem that no office desk is complete without the requisite coffee mug, and quite often, it just happens to have given as a promotional gift. When you consider that coffee is a staple of American society, it's obvious why the coffee mug has become one of the most likely places to advertise and promote. As a matter of fact, the average coffee drinker consumes an average of 3.5 cups of coffee per day, which means that your promotional message and/or logo has the potential of being seen 910 times a year! How many kinds of advertising medium can generate that kind of repeat advertising and logo exposure?

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Buying a Custom USB Flash Drive

Since the introduction of USB flash drives, the use of these innovative storage devices has grown among companies and business professionals alike. Companies give them to their employees so that work can be done on the road or at home, while business professionals use them to store sales and marketing material or to give Power Point presentations. And with the right marketing plan, USB flash drives can be used as powerful advertising and promotional tools used to reach consumers and spur them to action.

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Choosing a Promotional Pedometer

Promotional pedometers can have a great health benefit when used correctly as a part of an exercise or workout routine. In fact, years of studies have proven the pedometer to be an effective means of combating our sedentary inclinations by serving as a motivational tool for exercising on a regular basis. Being able to measure one's physical activity throughout the day through the use of a pedometer can promote better decision-making and provide incentive to take the next step towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Selecting a Custom T-Shirt

The ubiquitous T-shirt—popular apparel, cultural icon, and effective promotional tool. So embedded into popular culture is the T-shirt that it is a rare individual who cannot admit to owning at least one, if not many in various styles. In the average person's lifetime, s/he will most likely purchase or be given hundreds of them. The inherent value of using a T-shirt to advertise any event, promote any product or company, or communicate any message lies in the very fact that a T-shirt becomes a part of its wearer's everyday life, a veritable walking billboard.

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Choosing the Right Promotional Pen

We see and use them every day, carry them around in our bags and briefcases, find them at banks and restaurants, and keep them at the ready on our office desks or kitchen counters. They are promotional pens and their virtual omnipresence makes them ideal for marketing, advertising, and gifting.

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Imprinting With Pantone Colors

The Pantone Color Matching System, or PMS colors as it is well known as, is an industry accepted color standard that help designers, architects, artists, printers and yes even promotional product distributors keep colors consistent across nearly any type of print medium.

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