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About Custom USB Flash Drives

Since the introduction of USB flash drives, the use of these innovative storage devices has grown among companies and business professionals alike. Companies give them to their employees so that work can be done on the road or at home, while business professionals use them to store sales and marketing material or to give Power Point presentations. And with the right marketing plan, USB flash drives can be used as powerful advertising and promotional tools used to reach consumers and spur them to action.

Combined with the right advertising and marketing plan, custom USB flash drives can help deliver your company's message and provide long-lasting logo exposure-that's why businesses large and small have relied on Sharper Brand's collection of custom USB flash drives to:

End Users and Promotional Ideas

  • Students and University Staff - Can be used to store course material, notes, programs.
  • Employees - Use for promoting new business strategy, training, employee recognition.
  • Sales Professionals - A unique method of promoting new products, services, and as an alternative to catalogs.
  • Business Professionals - Easily carry files around or PowerPoint presentations.
  • Consumers - Good way to promote and present new products and/or services.

Whomever your target audience is, custom USB flash drives can be used an effective method for getting your point across and generating results.

Check out our collection of custom USB flash drives.
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Marketing Concepts and Ideas

Custom USB flash drives, imprinted with your logo, are a great way to communicate your message and your logo, but what do they say about your business or promotion? Custom USB flash drives are pretty neat gadgets but, more importantly, they associate your company and logo with certain important concepts and ideas, such as:

Concepts and Ideas

  • The Digital Age
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Access and Transfer of Information
  • Security and Reliability
  • Portability and Compactness
  • Connectivity and Communication

Start making a connection with your audience and customers today and check out our selection of custom USB flash drives.

Check out our collection of custom USB flash drives.
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Choosing a USB Flash Drive

With so many types of USB flash drives available, choosing the right one to suit your needs and objectives may prove to be a difficult task. Sharper Brand carries a variety of custom USB drives that range in price, features and styles, so when considering a USB drive, ask yourself these few important questions:

Important Questions:

  • Is memory size important to my promotion?
  • What is my budget and what am I willing to spend per USB drive/recipient?
  • Do I need added features such as security or password protection?
  • Will I require optional services such as file uploading or custom packaging?

Once you have answered these few questions, you will have a better idea as to the types of requirements and features you will want in a USB flash drive.

Check out our collection of custom USB flash drives.
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Features and Benefits

Now that you have defined your budget, quantity, and other customization options, it's time for you to consider the many different types of USB flash drives available and their features and benefits, including:

Key Feature Benefits
Multi-functional Can come with added features like a built-in compass, ballpoint pen, LED light, carabiner, watch, or MP3 players.
Secure Access Incorporates fingerprint recognition and/or password-protected access for added security and file protection.
Impact Resistant A rubber exterior or protective case makes these drives durable and provides better physical protection.
Portability Come with lanyards, clip holders, and/or built-in key rings for added portability.
USB 2.0 Compliant These drives offer higher transfer rates, making reading and writing files much faster.
Auto-Run Capability Some flash drives offer the ability to store and autorun a presentation and/or website when the flash drive is in use.

With the many features and benefits that our collection of USB flash drives has to offer, you are sure to find the right USB flash drive for your next promotional event.

Check out our collection of custom USB flash drives.
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USB Flash Drive Collection

Now that you know how to leverage USB flash drives in your advertising or marketing program, check out Sharper Brand's unique selection of custom USB flash drives.

Need assistance deciding on the right USB flash drive? Don't worry. Our team of experts is ready to make your shopping experience hassle-free. Give us a call today and discover the difference a sharper brand can make.

Check out our collection of custom USB flash drives.
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