Customize your CamelBak water bottle

Your company logo and brand will be reproduced with the highest fidelity using CamelBak's authorized state-of-the-art imprinting process. Only the highest quality inks and materials are used for an imprint that will endure.

Custom water bottle colors

Custom CamelBak water bottles are available in vibrant colors to give your logo a custom look. And with a manufacturing process that ensures consistent color and quality, CamelBak's branded bottles are second to none.

CamelBak water bottle features

Instant name brand recognition, well-known quality, high perceived value, and a host of features make CamelBak bottles an ideal promotional item.

  • Easy Sipping, No Spilling: Patented Big Bite™ Valve
  • Quick Flip Close: The Big Bite™ Valve folds when not in use.
  • Easy To Clean: Valve and straw can be removed for cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe: For convenient cleaning of bottle
  • One-Hand Usage: Flip up the Big Bite™ Valve and sip.
  • Recyclable: Environmentally friendly water bottles
  • Cold/Freezer: Tested for extreme temperature durability

Inspiration Hydration

Everything that makes your body do what you need it to do—your blood, muscles, brain…everything—needs water. But every mountain you destroy, every trail you shred, and every cliff you overtake sucks it right out of you. It's a vicious, natural cycle—water lost must be replenished. And, although there are differing opinions about how much water is enough water, it is clear that Americans are woefully under-hydrated.

CamelBak bottles are made to inspire hydration. In fact, it's part of the CamelBak mission to "pioneer sustainable hydration solutions: simple ways to help people hydrate while reducing the impact on our planet".

Battle-tested water bottles

CamelBak doesn't make wimpy products. And to be sure that their bottles and packs live up to the CamelBak name, they are thoroughly battle-tested in the "Lab" and then out in the field. Need a hydration pack with a bite valve in your space suit? A rough and tumble water bottle while cycling on rocky terrain? Or maybe a portable water filtration system when out and about in the urban jungle? CamelBak has your back and a product to fit those needs while demolishing thirst.

Quality that matters

Not only has CamelBak beaten up and "life-tested" all their bottles, they've gotten unbiased 3rd parties involved to lab-test their products for safety. CamelBak does not use BPA, a potentially harmful chemical used to make polycarbonate, in the production of their bottles. Instead, they've done their homework and expanded their use of different types of safe plastics.

Eastman Tritan™

Better Bottles™, eddy™ bottles, Kids' Bottles and Groove™ bottles are made of a copolyester polymer with the same properties that made polycarbonate bottles strong and durable WITHOUT the BPA or other nasty chemicals or residual plastic-y taste. Tritan™ plastics are rated safe for food and liquids by the FDA.

TruTaste Polypropylene

Podium®, Podium® Chill and Podium® Ice Bottles are made of a proprietary blend of polypropylene that is food-safe and taste-free. While many squeezable bike bottles are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) that can change the taste of liquids they contain, a CamelBak bottle made with TruTaste™ polypropylene does not. In addition, TruTaste™ bottles, have HydroGuard™, an EPA registered compound with anti-microbial properties that inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause odor and bottle discoloration.

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