Placing An Order


Placing an Order:
Sharper Brand would like to provide you with the best service possible, so we ask that when you are ready to place an order you call our customer representatives toll-free at 1-800-772-9394. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can make ordering promotional products easy, convenient, and hassle free! The following is the simple ordering process.
  • Our helpful and courteous customer service representative helps you choose the right promotional solutions.
  • Once we have your order information and artwork, we will provide you with a preview of your artwork as well as the final order.
  • After you have confirmed the order, it is sent to production and you're on your way to a sharper brand! It's that simple.
Order Processing Time:
Your order can be fully processed on the same day. Providing that you respond promptly to emails, faxes, and any information your customer service representative requests, your entire ordering process can take less than an hour. For a fast and easy ordering experience we recommend the following:
  • Place your order before 3:00 PM EST
  • Pay with credit card, preferably MasterCard, Visa
  • Have your shipping address and billing information ready

Note: If you are sending us a company check as your payment method, your order will not go into production at our factory until we have received your check. Individual ordering experiences may vary slightly, depending on the customer’s individual schedule, promptness in responding to our requests and the factory floor schedule. All sales are final.

Placing Reorders:
Once you have placed an initial order, your artwork file will be stored for up to two (2) years. After that time, any new orders placed for the same item and using the same artwork will no longer be considered a "reorder", and new artwork may need to be supplied and approved for imprinting. Sharper Brand reserves the right to request new artwork files when necessary.

If you have any questions please contact your customer services representative at 1-800-772-9394 or email customer service.

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Payment Options:
Sharper Brand accepts all major credit cards, as well as company checks and money orders. Sharper Brand no longer offers payment terms, and all first time orders must be pre-paid. All payments to Sharper Brand are secure and confidential, and any data collected for billing purposes will be used by Sharper Brand only and will not be sold or shared with any other company or organization. For more information on payment options, please contact your customer service representative at 1-800-772-9394 or email our billing department.

We accept:

  • MasterCard, Visa (preferred)
  • Discover, American Express
  • Company Checks
  • Money Orders
1. If you use a company check or money order, the order placed will not be sent to the factory until we have received your check. Be sure to factor the time it will take for us to receive your check into your schedule. If your order needs to be rushed, we recommend sending checks or money order via priority or overnight delivery.
2. In certain cases, we will accept Purchase Orders to begin processing an order, but the final payment must be received before the order is shipped.
3. We will not accept personal checks, foreign currency and/or any other type of payment not mentioned above.

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Cancellation and Order Changes:
If you wish to make a change to the order quantity, item color, imprint method, logo/artwork or any other type of customization method attributed to the item, you must do so within 48 hours of placing your order or before it goes to production (not applicable for 1-3 day rush orders). Once the item has gone to production, any changes you request may be irreversible. If you wish to cancel an order, there will be a cancellation charge of $50.00; however, once the item has gone to production, canceling the order is no longer an option and you may be required to pay for any expenses already incurred or the full cost, whichever is greater. If you would like to have changes made to your artwork by our designers prior to it being sent to our factory, you may do so at an additional cost. Currently, we charge $50.00/hour for graphic work done to artwork/logo submitted. For additional information, please call your customer representative at 1-800-772-9394.

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Shipping Information:
Shipping and Handling are billed as a separate item on our invoice. In certain jurisdictions in the U.S., intra-state taxes are required. If this is the case in the state from which you are ordering, the taxes will not appear as a separate item on our invoice, but will be added to the total shipping cost.

Sharper Brand currently ships worldwide including to Canada, the UK, and Australia.
All orders placed with Sharper Brand must be sent to a physical address. Please do not give us a P.O. Box address, since neither UPS nor FedEx will be able to deliver the order.
International orders may incur tariffs, duties, port of entry fees in addition to any shipping and handling fees. International packages may be delayed due to customs and/or security clearance.

Note: You, the customer, agree that Sharper Brand will not be held liable nor be held responsible for any consequential or special damages arising from any delay in delivery.

For more details about our shipping policy, please see the shipping information page.

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Our Guarantee
We believe that you should expect nothing but the very best from Sharper Brand. That is why we offer a 30-day Quality Guarantee or your money back for qualifying orders. If you do not find our products to be FREE OF DEFECTS IN quality and workmanship and/or your logo is not imprinted to your specifications and requirements (See Checking Art Proof), simply notify us within 30-days of your purchase and we will promptly process your order for a full refund*.

* Sharper Brand offers full refunds on orders that have met all the requirements per our Returns and Claims policy. Orders that have been placed without having first reviewed a product sample, spec-sample, and/or pre-production sample are not eligible for a full refund. For more information, or to speak to a customer representative, call us today.

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Sales Warranty
Sharper Brand warrants that all goods purchased on our web site will be free of manufacturing defects and mistakes. Sharper Brand will also make available to you all transferable warranties made to Sharper Brand by the manufacturer of the goods. You, the customer, agree that Sharper Brand will not be held liable or held responsible for any consequential or special damages arising from any delay in delivery. Sharper Brand makes no other express or implied warranties, and specifically makes no implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for purpose.

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Returns and Claims

Should you ever be dissatisfied with the workmanship and quality of our products or your imprinted logo does not meet your specifications, simply notify us in writing within 30-days of receiving the merchandise and your claim will be processed promptly.

Processing Your Claim
Once you have submitted your claim in writing, your account representative will contact you to keep you informed of the status of your claim. You may be asked to return a few samples of the merchandise in question for a thorough review process.

Returning Merchandise
Once your claim has been processed and is found to be eligible for a refund, your account representative will issue you a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and instruct you on how to return merchandise to Sharper Brand.

Note: Sharper Brand will not accept any returned merchandise without a RMA. For additional information contact your Sharper Brand representative.

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Product Information

Our Promotional Products
Sharper Brand offers high-end and unique promotional products that are supplied to us by select factories and manufacturers. Sharper Brand has carefully chosen its suppliers based on quality of merchandise, price and dependability. Promotional products, supplied to us by our select manufacturers and factories, may vary due to differing production techniques and therefore not all products will be perfectly identical. By choosing to place an order with Sharper Brand, you agree to reasonable manufacturing variances including but not limited to slight variations in positioning of logo, product material, product colors, and packaging will be acceptable.

Product Pricing and Availability
Sharper Brand strives to provide accurate information for our online catalog. All product information and pricing is updated as frequently as possible. However, we reserve the right to change pricing and detail information of any of our products at our discretion.

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Ordering Samples

By Phone:
Ordering samples by phone couldn't be easier. Simply call one of our helpful customer service representatives at 1-800-772-9394 and have the item name or SKU at hand.

And don't forget, our customer service representatives can provide you with more than just a sample. They can also provide the following:
  • Product research of over 800,000 products
  • Product pricing and free quotes
  • Free virtual samples (see it with your logo)
  • Custom manufacturing and sourcing
Ordering samples of a product has never been easier. By following just a few steps, you can be on your way to a sharper brand! To place a sample order, go the product page you are interested in and click the “Order Sample” tab or the “Order Sample” button. Now you’re only three simple steps away from completing your sample request.

  Step 1. Login to your account or begin your new customer registration  
Step 2. Select the quantity, color and size (if applicable) of the item(s) you have chosen
Step 3. Enter your shipping address and method of shipment
Finally, review and approve your order summary

Once you have submitted your sample request, a customer service representative will contact you to collect payment information and to finalize your order. It’s that simple! For any questions or help with ordering, please call us toll-free at 1-800-772-9394.

Note: Sharper Brand recommends that you review a sample before placing a large quantity order. However, if you forgo a sample review, Sharper Brand will not be held liable or responsible for any consequential or special damages arising from your right to refuse a sample.

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About Sample Reimbursement

Sample Reimbursement Details:
Sharper Brand is pleased to offer sample reimbursement* to our customers. This offer is available for all promotional products, promotional items, and corporate gifts.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Place a sample order online or by phone.
  2. Review your sample.
  3. If you decide to place your final order with us, any amount that you paid for the sample (excluding shipping) will be credited to that order as long as it is made within 30 days.
It's that simple. What are you waiting for? Call us today.

Terms and Conditions:
Offer does not apply to express shipping or international shipping outside the continental US.

If you have any questions or comments, please call your customer service representative at 1-800-772-9394 or email customer service.

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