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Target Your Audience

If your mission is to raise sales or increase brand awareness so as to increase sales, you need to be targeting the right people and choose promotions based on...  Read full article  (6/26/2014)

Brand Worth

To think of all the things you could do if your marketing budget were just that much bigger… But since we can't all have an advertising budget matching the GDP...  Read full article  (6/26/2014)

Mug Promotion

I must confess…that promotional “coffee” mug you gave me with your beautiful logo on it…I'm totally NOT using it for coffee. Right now, it contains a small beta...  Read full article  (6/26/2014)

Promoting Hydration

Apparently, there's an epidemic occurring, and most of us are unaware. It seems that we are all going about our lives woefully under-hydrated, borderline....  Read full article  (6/26/2014)

Safe Mug Materials

With so much controversy over food/beverage container materials, is it safe to drink your beloved morning coffee out of ANYTHING? Do we all need to invest...  Read full article  (6/26/2014)

Thinking Like a Girl

Women make approximately 85% of all consumer purchases and are often tapped by businesses to be the “designated buyers” across...  Read full article  (6/26/2014)

T-Shirts An American Icon

Apple Pie, Rock and Roll, Surfing, Elvis and Steve Jobs are among some of the most well known American icons. Recognizable all over the world, they symbolize...  Read full article  (6/26/2014)

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