Safe Drinking Mug Materials

Choosing Promotional Drinkware That's Made From Safe Materials

How does one find and choose a coffee mug or beverage containers made of materials safe enough to drink out of and without having to invest in a pottery wheel and start making our own drinkware? Personally, I vote for coconuts shells they are biodegradable, renewable, cheap, natural, and plentiful, right? Until such time as everyone gets on board with my coconut plan, it seems that we must choose one of the “lesser evils” to tote our coffee as we traipse about town or the office, lest we continue to negatively impact the environment with disposable coffee cups…but which mug travels best?


A nice plastic one would be easy on the wallet and the environment, but everyone's losing their mind over BPA. But hold on…only certain plastics contain it, so no need to throw out your favorite travel mug. Then there are also those who insist the plastic will change the flavor, but smart folks have a solution to combat this in plastic mugs. And we're back to plastic being affordable, recyclable, and super versatile. All that being said, there's often no converting those devoted to stainless steel or ceramic.


Though more expensive, stainless steel mugs have a better “flavor” reputation than plastic and can last for quite some time. And when that mug has finally given up the ghost, its steel can be recycled and made into skyscrapers…and widgets! But even stainless steel is not without controversy, so what's a girl to do? Get a good ole ceramic mug, that's what.


Ah, pottery…it's not just for planting daisies and sculpting tiny dancing cats. There's nothing quite like the pleasant heft of a good ceramic mug, and I can't remember the last time I heard anyone complain that their coffee tasted like clay when drinking from one. Advancements in ceramics have even lead to double-walled, travel tumblers that let you take your pottery on the road (even if it's a little heavier that your plastic and steel friends).


But I'll tell you what…there's another option in this mug game that we don't see enough of…glass travel mugs! Yeah, I said it! Glass. But not your average glass. We're talking borosilicate, because science! It's not fragile, does not react with chemicals/liquids, and tolerates high heat. And frankly, it just looks cool.

Everyone has a favorite coffee mug at home. It's the one that, for whatever reason, feels just right in your hands. One of my favorites is actually made of, gasp, plastic. I don't know why, but the curve of the lip and the cute little thumb grip give me joy. My husband swears by his dainty white Corning mugs with the green leaves printed on the side. And my sister doesn't care what the coffee comes in as long as its sweet and contains a straw so that her lipstick doesn't come off. My point here is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to picking your mug…go with your gut;)

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