Promotions for a Female Audience

Choosing Promotional Products Based on Appeal to Targeted Audience

Thinking Like a Girl

Women make approximately 85% of all consumer purchases and are often tapped by businesses to be the “designated buyers” across industries.

At Sharper Brand, we'd estimate that at least 75% of our clients are women. They come from diverse fields; they are business owners, marketing directors, human resources managers, educators, non-profit organizers, public relations specialists, purchasing coordinators, PTA parents, and administrative professionals. They are the “do-ers” who research, generate ideas, and execute marketing plans.

“Appeals to women” does NOT MEAN “girly”

Given the strong female component of the marketing machine, it is wise to consider your targeted audience or buyers. This does not mean that we should choose promos that are stereotypically “girly” to appeal to these discerning buyers. To “appeal” to female buyers is to consider their buying habits and methods, more than their “tastes” in promotional products. In general, they tend to approach buying with three overlapping issues in mind: quality, budget, and aesthetics.

  • Quality—Women are seldom willing to compromise on quality when it comes to choosing promotions for their companies. They see the promotional item as an extension of their business's image. When quality bumps up against budget, they are more likely to lower quantity, choose an entirely different item/idea whose quality is guaranteed, or hunt for a better “deal” elsewhere.
  • Budget—Female buyers will squeeze the most quality possible out of a promotion. A budget is a challenge, a puzzle to solve-how to get results given a certain set of financial or time parameters.
  • Aesthetics—Women often feel a connection to the items they ultimately choose. Their first impressions can be difficult to change, but they often know exactly what they want when they see it. An item must “feel right”—the weight of it in the hand, the texture of the surface, the color scheme-to be deemed worthy of the project and brand.

Buyers and Sellers are in a relationship, too.

Beyond the budget, quality, and aesthetics, female buyers value the process of buying and relationships created with vendors or suppliers. Promotional products chosen with this audience in mind should be appropriate and respectful of that relationship and show that the seller understands and values the buyer's business or organization.

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