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About Artwork

Sharper Brand wants to make certain that your logo/artwork looks it’s best on your promotional product. This is why when you submit your logo/artwork, our expert designers will review it and make sure it meets the necessary requirements for a great looking imprint. Once your logo/artwork has been given the “ok”, we will prepare an art proof for you to review and approve before it goes to our factory. If at any point you wish to make a change to your logo/artwork or our designers recommend additional work for best output, you will be notified by your customer service representative to approve any additional charges.

For more information on artwork or if you have any questions regarding submitting artwork to us, please contact our customer service representatives at 1-800-772-9394.

Artwork Requirements:
The following are the file formats we accept, please note each individual file specifications for submitting logo/artwork.

Adobe Photoshop CS
File Format Color Resolution Scale
TIFF, JPG, PSD CMYK/RGB 300+ dpi 100%
Adobe Illustrator CS
File Format Color Resolution Scale
AI, EPS CMYK/RGB 300+ dpi  
Adobe InDesign CS
File Format Color Resolution Scale
IND CMYK/RGB 300+ dpi 100%
Adobe Acrobat
File Format Color Resolution Scale
PDF CMYK/RGB 300+ dpi  

Note: If you are sending us an Adobe Illustrator® or InDesign® file, please be sure to include the fonts used in the document or covert your artwork files to outlines. If you have any questions on how to prepare and submit artwork please call our customer service representatives at 1-800-772-9394.

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Submitting Artwork:
To submit artwork please use one of the two storage methods described below, if you have any questions at any point please feel free to contact your customer service representative.

1. Contact the art department for details:
2. Send artwork to the following address:
Sharper Brand LLC
PO Box 1125
Frederick, MD  21702

If using UPS/FedEx:
Sharper Brand LLC
1301 W. 7th St #1125
Frederick, MD  21702

If you are sending a file via mail, please make sure to send it in one of the following mediums:

1.  CD/DVD
2.  USB Flash Drive
3.  SD/microSD Memory Card

Make sure it is properly packaged to prevent damage during shipping. Any and all files submitted to Sharper Brand will not be returned unless the sender requests the return of the storage medium. Once your file has been received, the artwork will be archived with Sharper Brand for any future orders you may want to place.

Checking Art Proof:
When you receive your art proof, please review it carefully to make sure that the artwork in the proof is what you want imprinted on the item. Your proof includes an "actual size imprint area" within which your logo will be printed -- it is indicated by a dotted box, and your logo will be printed as it appears within that area. This is the artwork that you are reviewing/approving. Please note that, as your items move through the actual screening or imprinting process, there may be a slight shift in positioning of the logo on the item. Industry standards typically allow 1/16th of an inch (though some items have a greater standard deviation of 1/8" -- ask your rep if you are concerned). This is considered normal and acceptable.

Artwork Retouching:
In order for your imprinted promotional product to look it’s best, our expert designer must first review your artwork to determine that it meets all of the necessary requirements for a successful and great looking imprint. If our designers find issues with your artwork, they will make the necessary recommendations to solve the problem. If this is the case, your customer representative will contact you to inform you of any issues that may arise as well as to seek approval for any additional charges. For custom logo design and/or print design, please call us at 1-800-772-9394.

Free Design Services:
Sharper Brand believes in offering our customers the best value for their money. That’s why we offer FREE design services with every order. The FREE design service can be used to retouch your graphic or to recreate an existing logo from a business card or stationery. Most of our competitors charge as much as $50.00 per hour for such services but with Sharper Brand it’s FREE.

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