Glossary of Imprinting Terms

De-bossed - The method of applying a logo/artwork to the surface of an item by pressing a die of the design onto a surface. The result is a raised surface around the logo/artwork making it appear imbedded. This method can be accompanied by an optional color-fill, available on some products, to make the logo/artwork stand out.

Embossed - The method of applying a logo/artwork to the surface of an item by pressing a die of the design onto a surface. The end result is that the areas around the design are flat while the logo/artwork appear raised and three-dimensional.

Embroidery - A method of stitching a design onto a fabric surface. This method is recommended for a high-quality finish.

Enamel - A coating applied to the surface of an item to give it a glossy and shiny finish and texture.

Imprint - The process by which a logo/artwork is transferred onto the surface of an item.

Laser Printing - The main method of imprinting onto metallic surfaces. Your logo/artwork is digitized and a high intensity laser beam carves the design on the surface of the item. This imprinting method is permanent and highly recommended over screen-printing on metal surfaces, since screen printed metallic items will eventually wear and fade.

Over Runs - A quality control method that requires the factory to run an extra number of units through the machines. The additional units compensate for any errors or mistakes that may occur during the mass imprinting process. This quality control method is done at an additional charge to you. You can opt not to have this applied to your order, but you will run the risk of receiving some items that have errors or mistakes.

Pad Printing - A method of imprinting that uses a silicone ball/pad to lift the color and design off of a plate and then transfer it on to the surface of the item to be imprinted.

PMS (Pantone Matching System) - An industry standard used to identify and match the color you are using in your logo/artwork. This system is highly accurate and produces consistent results. Some of our factories may require a PMS Charge to mix the colors.

Pre-production Proof - A proof/sample of an item with your imprint on it that is run on your request before the final order is sent to the factory. It is mainly used on large-scale orders for quality assurance. This is a very costly process and can add up to 5-10 days to your delivery time.

Running Charge - A running charge is applied to your order whenever you customize your item with additional colors and/or features. This charge is meant to cover the material cost of running your item through the machines. For example, if you want an additional color imprinted on your item, the running charge would be the cost for the ink used.

Screen Printing - A popular method of imprinting that requires a special ink to be applied onto a screen, which is a porous, mesh-like fabric. The screen only allows the ink to pass through the areas of the design template, hence the logo/artwork is transferred onto the item.

Set-up Charge - The cost associated with setting up the complex machinery to imprint an item. This cost is additional per color and location you add to the item.

Trademark - A name or logo that identifies the product and/or service with its maker and/or manufacturer. The trademark is usually a symbol, “®” or “™”, that appear to the right of the product or service name.

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