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MicroHalt is an antimicrobial additive that stops the growth of bacteria.
Starting at: $0.85
SKU: 1717016
Prod Days: 5-10
Hold this ruler in your hand and watch it change colors right in front of your eyes.
Starting at: $0.85
SKU: 1717015
Prod Days: 5-10
If you're looking for a colored wooden ruler then this may suit your needs.
Starting at: $1.10
SKU: 1717008
Prod Days: 5-10
This wooden ruler will change colors based on what your hand temperature is.
Starting at: $1.30
SKU: 1717005
Prod Days: 5-10
Features both an English and metric scale plus beveled edges on each side.
Starting at: $1.55
SKU: 1717006
Prod Days: 5-10
You get two nice features in this wood ruler, a beveled edge and a clear lacquer finish.
Starting at: $1.60
SKU: 1717007
Prod Days: 5-10
What makes this yardstick special is that you can imprint it on both sides.
Starting at: $1.70
SKU: 1717010
Prod Days: 5-10
The lacquer finish protect the scale markings from rubbing off after repeated use.
Starting at: $2.25
SKU: 1717011
Prod Days: 5-10
Keep kids occupied with a ruler that doubles as a stress reliever.
Starting at: $2.90
SKU: 1717014
Prod Days: 1-5
Folds into three parts and can be imprinted on each of those sections.
Starting at: $3.95
SKU: 1717009
Prod Days: 5-10
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