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About Promotional Coffee Mugs

Quickly, close your eyes and picture the items on your desk: phone, paper, pens, clips and stapler, tape dispenser, and your favorite coffee mug, the one you received from a client last year. In the United States, it would seem that no office desk is complete without the requisite coffee mug, and quite often, it just happens to have given as a promotional gift. When you consider that coffee is a staple of American society, it's obvious why the coffee mug has become one of the most likely places to advertise and promote. As a matter of fact, the average coffee drinker consumes an average of 3.5 cups of coffee per day, which means that your promotional message and/or logo has the potential of being seen 910 times a year! How many kinds of advertising medium can generate that kind of repeat advertising and logo exposure?

With the right marketing and advertising plan, a coffee mug can help you achieve your promotional objectives and provide long-lasting logo exposure. But how else can businesses leverage the strengths of a promotional coffee mug to meet their marketing objectives? Consider the following:

Target Audience and the Promotional Benefits

  • Well Being and Health - Coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in America and directly correlates to a strong immune system. Your employees and/or customers could potentially miss fewer days of work as a result of common illnesses against which antioxidants defend.
  • Increase Productivity - Coffee has been found to make people more focused and aware which translates into increased productivity for your employees and your business. This is not to mention the potential decrease in trips employees make to the coffee shop throughout the day.
  • Customer Loyalty and Retention - A mug is simply a great place to advertise. Studies have found that a cup of coffee can make a person feel more content and open to suggestions and messages, therefore increasing the impact and success of your promotion
  • Environmental Awareness - Coffee mugs reduce waste by eliminating the use of disposable foam and paper cups, so it fits in perfectly with any earth friendly promotion.

Whomever your target audience, the promotional coffee mug is a time-tested advertising medium with a proven track record of effectiveness. For your next promotion, place your logo on a coffee mug and add a jolt of java to your advertising message.

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Marketing Concepts and Ideas

Look no further than your local coffee shop and you'll find that Americans love their latte, but if you use a promotional coffee mug as a form of advertising, what can it say about your business, services and/or products? Actually plenty. Develop your own or think about the following marketing concepts to build on:


  • Energy and Momentum
  • Traditions and Heritage
  • Environment and Conservation
  • Standard and Essential
  • Focus and Attention
  • Security and Vigilance
  • Service and Dedication
  • Reliability and Durability
  • Knowledge and Thinking

Start making a connection with your audience and customers today and check out our selection of promotional mugs.

Check out our collection of promotional ceramic coffee mugs.
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Choosing a Coffee Mug

Buying a coffee mug sounds simple enough, but when you take into account that there are thousands of different types of mugs to choose from, this seemingly simple task becomes a bit more daunting. However, to make the process a little easier, ask yourself a few questions when considering a promotional coffee mug:

Important Questions:

  • What is my budget and how much am I willing to spend per coffee mug/recipient?
  • What size mug will I need in terms of ounces?
  • Is material, texture or color important to my decision? If so, what do I require?
  • Do I need added features such thermal insulation, hidden compartments, etc.?
  • Will I require optional services such as custom packaging with a t-shirt, cap, etc?
  • How will these coffee mugs be distributed to clients/recipients?

Once you have an idea of your requirements, you will be much closer to making an informed decision and choosing the right mug for your project.

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Features and Benefits

With answered questions in hand, you can now start the process of choosing your mug. Although there are thousands of mugs for you to choose from, understanding the features and the benefits of most mugs currently available will help narrow your choice.

Key Feature Benefits
Acrylic Coffee Mugs For a mug that is designed to be impact resistant but with an elegant look, an acrylic mug offers you the best of both worlds.
Ceramic Coffee Mugs Considered a classic with great logo exposure, a ceramic mug is a true value, often costing less than other types of coffee mugs.
Travel Mugs Designed to fit in an automobiles cup holder and withstand daily use and commutes, travel mugs offer larger liquid capacity and also come with unique features such as built-in compartments, insulated walls to retain heat, specially-designed lids to make drinking more convenient, and much more.
Coffee Tumblers Similar to travel mugs, coffee tumblers are also designed for daily commutes and are built to be durable for daily use. However, they do not have a handle, which makes them more lightweight and less bulky.
Electric Coffee Mugs While a bit more expensive than conventional mugs, electric mugs are designed to keep coffee hot longer. With a built-in electrical cord, the mug is able to generate its own heat, keeping drinks hotter for longer periods of time.
Gift Insert Coffee Mugs Some coffee mugs can be customized to complement additional gifts such as a t-shirt, candy, or pens.
Anti-Bacterial Coffee Mugs With built-in anti-microbial technology, anti-bacterial coffee mugs prevent microbes from growing on the surface, thereby protecting the owner from common illnesses or bacteria.

With hundreds of promotional coffee mugs to choose from, Sharper Brand is certain that you'll find the right promotional mug from our collection.

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Promotional Coffee Mug Collection

Now that you know how to leverage Coffee Mugs in your advertising or marketing program, check out Sharper Brand's unique selection of promotional mugs.

Need assistance deciding on the right coffee mug? Don't worry. Our team of experts is ready to make your shopping experience hassle-free. Give us a call today and discover the difference a sharper brand can make.

Check out our collection of promotional coffee mugs.
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