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About Custom T-Shirts

The ubiquitous T-shirt—popular apparel, cultural icon, and effective promotional tool. So embedded into popular culture is the T-shirt that it is a rare individual who cannot admit to owning at least one, if not many in various styles. In the average person's lifetime, s/he will most likely purchase or be given hundreds of them. The inherent value of using a T-shirt to advertise any event, promote any product or company, or communicate any message lies in the very fact that a T-shirt becomes a part of its wearer's everyday life, a veritable walking billboard.

Combined with the right advertising and marketing plan, custom T-shirts can help fulfill your marketing and promotional goals and provide long-lasting, machine-washable, logo exposure. To tailor the unique marketing opportunities created by using custom T-shirts, consider the following:

Target Audience and the Promotional Benefits

  • Tradeshows - The function of many tradeshows is generating awareness, whether that is awareness of a new product line, recent developments, or a newly revamped corporate identity. Let your target audience become ambassadors of that awareness, carrying your message home with them on their backs.
  • Giveaways - Draw them in by giving away an appealing and universally appreciated T-shirt. Choose the right bait, and you'll catch the fish you've been waiting for and, perhaps, a few that you didn't expect.
  • Gifts/Tokens of Appreciation - Sometimes, it's the thought that counts. Custom T-shirts can serve as mementos of events and actions or simple gifts designed to memorialize or show appreciation.
  • Team/Identity - An article of clothing that distinguishes its wearer, either by setting him/her apart or identifying that person as a part of team, is inherently valuable to the giver and receiver. Custom T-shirts effectively play either role and have the benefit of carrying your message or logo with them.

Whomever your target audience, custom T-shirts can be used as effective tools for projecting your message and generating results.

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Marketing Concepts and Ideas

Given the variety of styles and uses of T-shirts, they act as popular and effective means to communicate your message and your logo. But what can a custom T-shirt really say about your business or promotion? If what you wear leaves a lasting impression and an image is worth a thousand words, then a T-shirt can be the perfect medium for conveying certain concepts and ideas.

Concepts and Ideas

  • Newness and Hip-ness
  • Political and Civil Ideals
  • Identity and Belonging
  • Volunteerism and Service
  • Promotion and Information

Start communicating with your audience today and check out our selection of custom T-shirts.

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Choosing a Custom T-Shirt

A T-shirt is seldom just a T-shirt. With so many types of T-shirts available, choosing the right one to suit your needs and objectives can be a daunting but interesting adventure. Sharper Brand carries a variety of customl T-shirts that range in style, quality, and price, so when considering a T-shirt, ask yourself a few important questions:

Important Questions:

  • What is my budget and what am I willing to spend per T-shirt/recipient?
  • What style of T-shirt fits my promotion?
  • What fabric materials are most suitable to my needs?
  • What kind of decoration should I choose to adorn the T-shirt?
  • Will this T-shirt serve as a part of gift package or set?
  • Does this T-shirt require special packaging or compression into chosen shapes?

Once you have answered these few questions, you will have a better idea of where to begin choosing from amongst various styles and benefits you will want in the T-shirt that you ultimately choose.

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Styles and Benefits

Now that you have begun to envision the perfect T-shirt for your promotion, it's time for you to narrow your choices. Decide on natural or performance materials and choose your favorite types of decoration, from silkscreen and padprinting to embroidery and appliqués, in addition to other specialized/unique techniques such as distressed or metallic imprints and embedded jewels. Then, find the style that fits your vision:

Style Benefits
Crew The most common T-shirt style, the crew is distinguished by its round neck with ribbed banding that fits close to the base of the neck. Crew neck T-shirts come in various weights, sleeve lengths, and materials, making them a great blank canvas for your message and an easy fit with virtually any audience, be it collegiate, professional, or general public.
V-Neck A close relative of the crew, this T-shirt has a neckline that dips into a "V" in the front. With most of the benefits and variations of the crew, the v-neck T-shirt may be more suitable when choosing a T-shirt for its more casual look and feel.
Raglan Often viewed as baseball or softball T-shirt, the raglan tee features a sleeve that is attached to the shoulder with a diagonal seam that runs from the underarm to the neckline. The unique sleeve allows for great variation in color and material combinations, in addition to decoration choice.
Ringer A favorite for its vintage look and clean lines, the ringer T-shirt is characterized by finished bands circling the neck and sleeves. The bands often complement the base color of the T-shirt and may be coordinated with the decoration.
Tank Sleeveless T-shirts used to be relegated to underwear status, but new cuts and materials have turned them into stylish casual wear for both men and women. Choose the width of the strap and scoop of the neck for a masculine or feminine look and decorate with your logo or a wide variety of designs and imprints.

With so many styles to be found amongst our collection of T-shirts, you are sure to find the right one for your next promotional event.

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T-Shirt Collection

Now that you know how to leverage T-shirts in your advertising or marketing program, check out Sharper Brand's unique selection of custom T-shirts.

Need assistance deciding on the right T-shirt? Don't worry. Our team of experts is ready to make your shopping experience hassle-free. Give us a call today and discover the difference a sharper brand can make.

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